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Window Shutters for Style and Privacy in Edmonton, AB

Shutters don’t always have to be on the outside of your windows; interior shutter styles bring the same cheerful and quaint aesthetic as exterior window shutters with great convenience and benefits. When they’re fitted properly into your window frames, indoor shutters won’t be exposed to the elements and thus require constant maintenance to work properly and look fresh. Instead, you’ll have a custom window treatment that controls both privacy and light with ease. Like most horizontal blind treatments, shutter slats allow for adjustable positioning, but look much more attractive and high-end compared to old-fashioned mini-blinds.

At Blinds for Your Home, we offer custom window shutters from brands that are known for durable craftsmanship. You’ll be able to feel confident in your investment, whether you choose solid hardwood panels to match original wood flooring or an affordable modern composite that’s completely hassle-free.

Protect your home with window shutters

The wide slats used in window shutters allow for ventilation on warm summer days, even if you don’t want others to see in. Sturdy wood or composite construction means shutters don’t flap or bang in the breeze, providing a natural form of energy savings by quietly circulating air and deflecting heat. The cordless handlebar design of plantation shutters is also safe for pets and children.

To protect the valuable things inside your home, any effective window covering is a safety measure against damaging UV rays, and window shutters are no exception. Artwork, fabric and leather furniture, hardwood tables and floors, and natural fiber rugs are all susceptible to sun damage even on cloudy days, so remembering to keep shutters partially closed when a room is not in use will drastically reduce the amount of unnecessary light and heat filtering indoors.

Caring and cleaning for your interior window shutters

Since they aren’t facing the harsh elements like exterior shutters, custom interior window shutters need very little maintenance. To keep them clean, just wipe the slats down with a soft cloth to remove accumulated dust, the same way you’d clean mini blinds. Because most shutter designs use wide slats, there are fewer surfaces to clean compared to traditional blinds, so cleaning is easier. Fortunately, plantation shutters are always in style, because yours will last for years to come.

Palm Beach™ Polysatin™ Shutters

We’re proud to carry Palm Beach™ Polysatin™ shutters from Hunter Douglas. These plantation-style shutters are constructed with a UV-resistant Polysatin™ compound, so they aren’t subject to damage over time such as warping, cracking, fading, chipping, peeling or discoloration, even under exposure to heat or moisture.

GreenGuard® certified

By helping customers find window treatments that effectively cut down on energy usage, we’re already environmentally conscious. But the Blinds for Your Home team goes even further with a GreenGuard® certification to prove that our products are also safe for your indoor air quality.

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